What is an OBD?

On-Board Diagnostics, popularly known as OBD is a system that determines a vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. It is a culmination of various electronic sub-units that work together to give the data about the various other subsystems of the vehicle to the driver. What started earlier as just a mode of failure detection has now started giving real-time data also along with the other failure detection codes, thus allowing to get notified about the failure early and hence repairing the same quickly. Now a day the BlueDriver scanners are readily available in the market and this article discusses in more detail about these scanners.

What is a Blue Driver Scanner?

Blue Drivers are the OBD 2 scanners that are extensively integrated with the original OBD systems these days. These connect the OBD system to the mobile phone of the driver and hence turn it into a powerful tool that can scan, read and interpret the important vehicle parameters easily. It works well in all forms of platforms, be it Android or IOS. The diagnostic fixtures provided by the same are very fast and hence saves a lot of time and money.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled Blue Drivers to allow the mobile devices to read the real-time data easily and clear all of the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) easily, without involving any specialized cables or equipment. The Bluetooth ones are more compatible with the IOS devices and offer a richer scanning experience to the drivers.

Features of the Blue Driver Scanner

The high connectivity of the scanners shows its importance in the entire OBD system. Hence, the following are some of the features of the same: –

  • It generally provides data related to the engine conditions, emission levels from the vehicle, sensor data of the entire engine sensors fitted in the vehicle and the transmission codes that show the instantaneous condition of the running vehicle.
  • It easily shows the diagnostic trouble codes and also clears the same easily by suggesting the alternate changes in the running conditions of the vehicle.
  • It allows real-time data logging and presenting the plots of the various engine parameters, along with the list of the possible causes of the faults and the fixes that can be brought easily into the vehicle. This information is handy for the mechanics to detect the fault easily and hence complete the repair time within the specified time.
  • It has a faster troubleshooting mechanism for the faulty components when compared to the conventional ones and hence saves a lot of time and money.

The specifications of Blue Drivers

Following are the general specifications that are available in the commercial BlueDrivers and hence the buyers must look into the same before finalizing any model: –

  • It is compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, be it android or IOS or even the tablets.
  • The engine codes scanned by the same are highly confirmed before displaying the results to the drivers.
  • It has the facilities for the storage of pending engine codes that can be re-writable easily and the permanent codes that can be accessed easily.
  • For the upcoming models of the top automotive companies, the engine codes are enhanced and hence this model’s storage space is sufficient enough to store them easily.
  • Along with the possible diagnostic trouble codes, the remedial fixes for the same are also displayed easily, hence fastening up the fixing process.
  • The model provides the real-time emission data and hence helps the driver in determining if his or her vehicle meets the regulatory pollution norms or not.
  • The multi-graph system shows the various engine parameters and hence provides the further scope of improvement in order to bring the best possible optimal performance of the vehicle.
  • The data log can be saved in CSV format and hence can be read also in the laptops and PCs easily.

The advantages of the model

Following are the basic advantages of the model that have made it a popular use in today’s time:

  • It has the expert engineering made of North America, with both manufacturing of the parts and assembling done at the same place.
  • The sensor and the app for the model are highly compatible with each other i.e. the app can be downloaded easily from the Play Store or Apple store without having to pay for any additional charges.
  • The easy running over androids and iPhones has made this device even more popular amongst the drivers.
  • The reading and clearing codes provide the idea about the ABS, transmission and airbag subsystems of the vehicle and can also accommodate the pending and permanent codes.
  • The repair report can be converted to CSV format easily, which can then be taken print out of and submitted to the technician so that he can study the same in detail and work on the remedial measures as soon as possible.
  • The make is highly durable and runs for a longer duration without any compromise to the general performance.
  • Its small size makes it highly convenient to use and portable to any place easily.
  • The wireless feature of the model allows fast functioning with increased efficiency and more accurate readings of the data and the graphs.
  • The cheaper price and user-friendliness make it the favorable choice over the expensive scanners.

The cons

However, the model has the following cons:

  • Sometimes due to poor connectivity, the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth connections get very slow and hence the time for detection and repair then increase accordingly, thus delaying the process.
  • The model is not supported for Windows phones and hence cannot be run by these users.
  • There is no backup system for the data that can be referred to in the near future.

Despite these cons, still people are using the same extensively and full-fledged research is also going on to bring the desired improvements in the current model. For further insight, one can visit the following link https://scanneranswers.com/bluedriver-obd2-scanner-review/.