Every person who wishes to make themselves known to the world have heard of internet. Television, newspapers, and books take a backseat to internet. Internet drives today’s world. The next generation is probably going to stop the production of newspapers altogether. Only our grandparents and parents are actually interested in reading the newspapers regularly or to watch the news channels in the TV. This does not mean that we are not interested in knowing the world outside our bubble. We are interested. Very much so. We just have other methods to find them out. With the massive improvisations in the technology sector, we can view news online whenever you want from wherever you want. In addition, with internet, you don’t have to stick with the same old boring indigenous channels. You can branch out and explore international news too. Moreover, with Facebook and Twitter taking over the social media, communication has never been easier. With this multitude of websites broadcasting news, games, sports, fashion wear, make up, shoes, movies, music, online books, etc. How do we become one of the best? There are a million sites out there selling or displaying the same stuff that you do. How do you become the number one? How do you cheat your way through the top? How do you get more views than others?

The Importance of SEO

So, why would you want to go to the top anyway? Well, if you want to sell your product and successfully run a business, you want people to buy stuff from you. To buy stuff, they must be aware of you. How will they be aware of you when you are practically invisible behind the million others online? This is where SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimization. Based on some predefined algorithms, certain keywords, adding content to your page, editing the already present information, using hypertext markup language-HTML, SEO company optimize the search engine to display your website more often. If your website occurs more often, since you can’t pay it off like the advertisements, there will be more visitors. More visitors will transform into numerous customers. You and your business benefit from it.

The Backstory of SEO

So, where did all this start from? Larry Page and his colleagues invented this algorithm called the PageRank algorithm. It basically satisfies a random search by a random surfer. In its practicality, it designs a matrix from the equations formed by decoding all the hyperlinks that refer to a given website. The more hyperlinks, the more it is known. Based on this matrix, and the interrelated pages, we can find the eigen values and from them, the eigen vectors. This is a part of the applications of difference and differential equations course. From the eigen vectors so formed, we can deduce the rank of each page based on a certain value. Higher its rank, the more frequently it will appear. SEO company uses the backstory of this algorithm to optimize the webpages.

Another way to optimize your search is by using keywords. Unless you want an article to be found that already exists with the exact words that you have, surfers want the best of the lot. We search with the help of a few specific words that will cover the whole story instead of a few unimportant words. The keywords are a key to crack the code since users prefer searching by them.

The tools behind your success

SEO company use some tools on a regular basis to optimize the search engine. There are numerous tools available. How do we pick the best ones? Well, the tools must be capable of performing key word analysis, technical SEO, ranking, link building, content idea and link removal. The most important of them are:

  • Keyword analysis tools: Keywords are the back bone of SEO. We surf via keywords. Your site will be well known if numerous keywords point the user to your website instead of a multitude of different websites. SEO company can provide you with a list of keywords that help in bringing more traffic to your website. Over the recent years, Google have developed a method to hide data, SEO company that can navigate you through the loopholes must be preferred. A company that can provide you with keywords that are multilingual are the best of the best as you want to cross all language barriers.
  • Page ranking tools: As mentioned above, some tools are available online that will determine the rank of your page with math and deductions. Knowing this will be immensely helpful to you as you can then determine whether you want to invest more in the optimization. The marketing strategies that are implemented can be judged based on their efficiency via these tools. Instead of surfing hours on the internet through numerous pages, you can go to your website easily
  • Link building tools: Though this might seem incredibly deceptive, using other sites to add links to your own is probably one of the greatest ideas to optimize the search engine. The more hyperlinks pointed to your page, the better rank you achieve.
  • Content effectiveness tools: Before optimizing the search with keywords and ranks, the most important part of your website is your content. If there is no quality and well-placed content, there is no use of optimizing your page. The customers will not be interested anyway. These tools will help you add in fresh and creative ideas to your content and make them unique and attention worthy. This is vital for effective optimization.

In the twenty first century, the competition among businesses is stronger than ever. As everything is becoming digitalized, a vast amount of services have opened online. To be the best, you have to use SEO tools. But, since every company can access them and use it to trick Google, we must come up with new and innovative ways to beat Larry Page and his algorithm. Fortunately, SEO company has started sprouting like weeds over the past few years.