Every day we hear from neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc … who knows someone who can help you in cleaning the home. We have no other opinion than yours, but being someone you trust, we think we can trust that person. But do we know that it really is trustworthy? Removed from the person who recommended the person, we go blind when we hire a home cleaning service for someone else. On many occasions, we hire someone else without knowing the person and without knowing if their experience in cleaning services and household tasks is true. Connect Cleaners are the best!

How to contact the Cleaners at home
The vast majority of the time, when we hire a service as an employee, it ends up going wrong and more expensive when one of the intentions was totally the opposite. Deceit, people who really do not have experience thinking that “cleaning is something we all know how to do”, contracts without legalizing, etc. On the other hand, home cleaning companies such as Connect cleaners provide quality services for cleaning the home, in which we have been serving people for more than 8 years.

Cleaning companies at home
At the time of hiring a person for the cleaning of our house, better at Connect Cleaners offers our cleaning services at home. We are surrounded by experts in staff cleaning experts at home, and we adopt the service always taking into account your opinion and preferences. In addition, we have: Professionals registered in social security. The same worker will always come to your home so that it is at the end of total and total confidence. Confidence as a company: direct contact with any problem, doubt or clarification. In addition to any problem with the employee, the substitution is made by another employee.

Experience in the personnel selection process
Hiring a cleaning service through companies like Connect cleaners brings you the benefit and confidence of being able to enjoy quality domestic service. We inform and advise families at all times about our services and how they work and we follow a rigorous selection process for staff because we like to surround ourselves with the best professionals. Contact us to receive more information about our home cleaning services through the contact form and the budget form on our website, through our presence on social networks. In the industrial, hospitality, school as well as in small offices or bars, maintaining a good cleanliness and hygiene is essential.

The fact of hiring a professional cleaning company for these cases entails many benefits besides perfect hygiene. The cleaning of companies, offices or restaurants is something that requires a lot of time in addition to being done constantly. For this reason, more and more people opt to hire a cleaning company. In this way costs and time are reduced in addition to getting a much more professional cleaning. An important benefit of cleaning companies is that they offer a large team of professionals who can carry out any task.

The Connect Cleaners to others can offer very competitive prices. This is because these companies work in quantity and bill quite monthly, in addition to having large distributors that offer high-quality products at cost prices. All this is very interesting to companies because it can be cheaper than hiring one or several people to clean the premises or office. While a professional company is in charge of cleaning, the company or company can dedicate all its time to more productive activities without having to worry about the hygiene of its premises.

For these reasons a good option is to hire a personalized cleaning service with Connect Cleaners in this way you can optimize more time and achieve a more professional hygiene. In today’s post, we are going to give you some tricks so that you can keep a nice and fresh smell at home. First of all, we have to be aware that good ventilation is necessary for your home to smell good. That is why it is advisable to ventilate the home daily in order to avoid, for example, the appearance of humidity or bad odors. One factor to take into account when ventilating is the climate of the area where your home is located; if the area where you live there is a humid climate the most recommended would be to buy a dehumidifier to avoid the bad smell of moisture. Anyway, there are also some tricks to improve the smell and try to make your home always smell clean.

What do Connect Cleaners do?

The Connect Cleaners use the following things;

Sodium bicarbonate: One of the most effective products in terms of odor removal is concerned. Place a container with a little bicarbonate and a few drops of lemon juice for different parts of your house.

The charcoal: Instead and just like baking soda you could use charcoal. It is very effective to neutralize strong odors in damp houses.

Water and a little softener: If you have cooked and now your house smells bad, use this remedy. Heat a saucepan with water and a little fabric softener to your clothes at medium heat and you will see that your house will smell better quickly.

The homemade air fresheners: We recommend using lavender oil and another that gives off a strong aroma, such as lemon. Fill a water sprayer and add 15 drops of the chosen oil. Mix it and perfume your house.

The orange or the lemon: These citrus fruits are very effective in neutralizing bathroom odors. Use a container not very large, add baking soda to half and 5 drops of orange or lemon oil.

Connect Cleaners for Wellness
What better than after coming from work to be able to rest? Your Connect Cleaners can free you from wearing gloves and an apron and start cleaning up after a hard and busy day of hard work that you combine with a difficult family reconciliation. Relaxing and enjoying the day to day is much easier with support in the home and in the performance of housework.