Analogously to the case of the sewer rat, the plague threshold or tolerance of this insect in interiors of premises, dwellings, etc … must be of total absence. However, a certain level is tolerated inside the sewage system, which is monitored and monitored by the technical services of Sydney. We take care of all types of pests and disinfestation tasks in Sydney since 1953. Our Integrated Pest Control system allows to stop and prevent outbreaks and pests and, at the same time, to do it with total safety for the health of people.

They say they’ve treated over 16,000 homes and offices we work for individuals, companies in the industry and food, educational centers or administrations, always betting to offer customers a complete and personalized service around the control of pests. This circumstance is important and explains the importance of maintaining in good conditions of conservation the systems of pottery, drains, etc … of basements, as a means of creating effective protection barriers against black and/or American cockroaches. Regarding the blond cockroaches, the most effective preventive measures are based on the detailed supervision of the merchandise that is introduced (infested packaging and/or packaging) as well as a scrupulous cleanliness and respect for hygiene and food safety standards.

In this case, many of the recommendations and advice included in the integrated pest control tab are applicable. In addition to the previous measures they say they’ve treated over 16,000 homes and offices, the punctual use of insecticidal biocides may be necessary. The control and treatment of the public sewage system correspond to municipal technical services, a circumstance that takes the form of seasonal treatment campaigns (April to November) and the management of notices or incidents reported by citizens (public roads). The buildings or municipal facilities are also subject to antivectorial sanitary control. In interiors of private buildings, professionals (pest control companies) should be responsible for establishing the situation diagnoses and making the corrective recommendations and treatments deemed appropriate.

The intervention of these technicians is obligatory in case of constructions of use or public service (cafeterias) and additional guarantee of effectiveness and security. For light infestations in the domestic sphere, the citizen can choose not to resort to these professionals and try a self-control that could only be successful insofar as the aforementioned environmental principles were vigorously applied and insecticides commercialized as domestic were used very judiciously.


There are many insects that can enter our house or our business, although basically there are two types: the draggable (cockroaches, ants, bugs, fleas …) and flying (mosquitoes, wasps, bees, flies …)


We act quickly when rodents appear, from common mice to sewer rats so they do not continue to reproduce.


Places where an extra security is necessary (restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.) to prevent the appearance of bacteria, viruses, and germs that prevent the normal functioning of them. Their presence is very annoying and unpleasant and, in addition, can be dangerous: many of them sting, so they can cause allergic reactions and transmit diseases. For this reason, it is necessary to control their population and, in the event that they become a pest, to carry out a disinsection that drastically reduces their number.

  • Extermination of pests using hot air and without using pesticides.
  • All insects die by protein and enzymatic coagulation.
  • Technology 100% respectful of the environment. Pest control by heat, 100% effective.
  • Specially designed to control insect pests of stored products and bed bugs. One treatment is enough.
  • During the treatment, the areas where the insects take refuge are easily detected. This allows the creation of more effective sanitation programs.

Some types of wood are especially prone to be attacked by xylophagous organisms, that is, they eat wood. There are many insects of this type, but the most common is the woodworm and the termites, although there are also fungi that can invade the wood and damage it. Inside a building, there are many elements built of wood, such as furniture, doors, windows or structural elements (beams). All of them are frequently attacked by these pests that, if not controlled in time, can end up endangering their integrity, an especially important issue in the case of beams and other elements that hold the building.


We use safe treatments for you and yours that will not force you to leave your home while we work.


We only need one hour to finish your problem


We use products that do not emit odors and that will not bother you.


For your convenience and so that you do not have to worry more about the account, no preparation is required. One of the reasons why so many people trust our services is because at us we have the best technical and human resources to carry out all the work. Have you detected the presence of a plague in your home? Call us and we will go to your house as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading. Keep in mind that acting as soon as possible is very important if you do not want the damage to end up being irreversible.

In our pest control company, we offer varied services for the treatment of wood, pest control, and disinfection. Our company specialized in the fight against pests is committed to sustainability, so we always use technical means and products that respect the environment. From our beginnings, we maintain a firm commitment to the use of ecological and sustainable products that preserve the environment, and they say they’ve treated over 16,000 homes and offices, which is a fact.

Since they say they’ve treated over 16,000 homes and offices, the team of professionals will provide a tailored and personalized response. We will study your case to determine which the solution that best suits your needs is. In addition, we are convinced that you will be surprised by the value for money of our services. First of all, we are serious, professional and effective. That’s why you will not hesitate to contact us again in the near future if necessary.