Used cars that can accommodate a wheelchair have always been to guarantee the quality of the work carried out and the fulfillment of the anticipated deadlines, responding to the customer’s requirements. This being the main objective of the company, they make the most advanced techniques of development, management, and presentation of projects in their organization. The possibility of driving a conventional car for a person with disabilities, through adaptations, is not just suitable for all public and pockets because of the limitations that remain after the transformation, especially to get in and out of the vehicle.

And that’s where used cars that can accommodate a wheelchair proposal comes in. It is a vehicle designed exclusively to be driven from a wheelchair. The great advantage is that it is not an adaptation of a conventional car, but a single-seat electric vehicle designed from the beginning without a seat, with a rear access ramp. It does not require a driving license and is considered a moped in terms of circulation possibilities.

The vocation and aptitude of the company have always been the provision of an integrated service in all phases of the projects, from the design, development and administrative processing, to execution, with total independence. The objective of used cars that can accommodate a wheelchair being unbiased advice, providing solutions that result in quality, meeting objectives, costs, and deadlines. Used cars that can accommodate a wheelchair offer a comprehensive and personalized service in the management and development of technical solutions in the field of adaptation and transformation of vehicles, providing high-quality products.

Used cars that can accommodate a wheelchair offer services related to the adaptation, transformation, and homologation of vehicles. The first drawback for a person with disabilities that requires a wheelchair to move independently is to have an adapted car that can be accessed with the chair itself, we have different ways of making this adaptation for any vehicle either for transportation or for driving, from the vehicle seat or from your own wheelchair.

In the area of adapted vehicles, you will find the services of companies and professionals who carry out the adaptations of transport vehicles for people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs. The solutions proposed by the companies and professionals included in this category are cars and vehicles of any commercial brand with adaptations to solve the personal problems for each type of disability. For many people with disabilities, having an adapted vehicle gives them freedom of movement and an improvement in their quality of life when carrying out their daily tasks.

Types of Access for the disabled with Wheelchair

There are basically two ways to adopt a vehicle to the requirements of a disabled person who requires a wheelchair for mobility.

Access to the wheelchair through the back of the vehicle

This type of vehicles are usually vehicles which have a ramp or lift platform in the back where the person can access with his wheelchair to the interior and in certain vehicles to access the driving position, to be able to drive directly from the own chair, offering comfort for the disabled from a direct access.

Side access to the wheelchair

Another possible vehicle option for driving from a wheelchair is to make a lateral adaptation to the vehicle, and access the driving position either by transferring it to a special seat or by replacing the original seat with a wheelchair suitable for driving.

Adaptation of the steering wheel and brake for different disabilities

Another important adaptation in vehicles for the disabled is the adaptation of the steering wheel that has the brake and the accelerator and easily controllable with the hands. This homologation is compatible with any of the two previous adaptations for wheelchair driving.

Our vehicles for the disabled

We have a wide variety of vehicles adapted to the needs of the disabled, you can see our products here.

Smart Pneumatic Suspension – Volkswagen Multivan T6

Adaptation of the suspension of a Volkswagen Multivan vehicle for disabled people with wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Side Access – Lancia Voyager

Two accesses by the side door for the disabled wheelchair in Lancia Voyager.

In this space you can access information about workshops in your province and/or city where you can purchase, modify and repair an adapted vehicle, you can also have information on their locations where there may be regional rules to cover part of the costs of adapting vehicles.

Progress in transport, coupled with the initiative of those who always think of helping those who need it most, allowed different models of cars and motorcycles to be manufactured so that those who move in wheelchairs can travel long distances, independently and comfort, driving themselves and without leaving the chair on their side. Used cars that can accommodate a wheelchair offer compact dimensions that facilitate maneuvering in narrow urban spaces and offers a wide rear space for the comfort of the person in a wheelchair

Benefits of used cars that can accommodate a wheelchair:

  • Used cars that can accommodate a wheelchair maximize the flexibility and space of the vehicle when stored horizontally.
  • Quality completions seamless integration with OEM interiors
  • Spacious and simple access for passengers in wheelchairs
  • Safe, durable and reliable
  • Complete training to engineers of vehicle adaptation companies
  • Compact dimensions to help you maneuver in the narrow urban spaces

The adaptation consists of a rear floor recess to which, according to the chosen version, a manual ramp is installed, with options as diverse as handles on both sides of the passenger PMR, a 12v socket or courtesy lighting of the recessed area that they are activated and deactivated with the opening of the tailgate.

Due to the interrelation between the different processes of the company, it is necessary that all the personnel are involved in the best possible response to these requirements. Therefore, it is essential to know the quality management system implemented, and the commitment to it, both by the Management and by the rest of the departments.