When you are a dog owner, you tend to expect that there will be little accidents. It is a little less likely with cats as you can install a cat flap, but even then, if there is a bit of rain, they may be tempted to stay indoors. If you see the accident happen then you can deal with it right away, but the problem is that often it happens when you are not there. When you need carpet cleaning surprise az, you could find out more than you were bargaining for.

A further problem for pet owners is the fact that they can become oblivious to the smell that their pet is leaving behind. When having the carpets cleaned, there is a way to find out where the main urine covered areas are and away to deal with the specific problem. Starting with a UV light, the areas are highlighted and it is here that the extra work is carried out.


Otherwise known as pet urine removal treatment, this treatment can remove the stain and the smell. Once placed it goes right to the heart of the problem, and thanks to a chemical reaction can take away the odor right away. The stain will follow and the results have been incredible even when it came to smells and marks that were hard to remove.

The figures have been looked at and the results are outstanding. P.U.R.T. can eliminate 99.9% of pet urine odors and 99.2% of pet urine bacteria – the latter is particularly important to stop the spread of germs between pets. These figures come from an independent source and are not just claims from a company looking for business.

The Truth about Pet Urine

  • Unfortunately, it does not just mark the carpet but the material under the carpet as well.
  • Often the animal uses the same place so there can be a build-up.
  • Urine smells hang around and can be very embarrassing.
  • Not only do they linger, but as the urine dries the smell becomes stronger. Carpet cleaners Surprise AZ certainly have a job on their hands with some houses.

How the Treatment Works

The first stage is to locate the area – not hard to do – and give the first rinse with hot water. Hopefully many of the crystals will be lifted at this stage and the next stage is to look beyond the carpet to see where the problem has spread and determine how bad it is. It is possible that there may be the need to change the pad and if this happens, there will be a further cost. It will be best to check that the company you use can carry out this procedure as specialist equipment is needed and not all workmen will have them to hand.

If it is considered likely that this will be an ongoing problem, shellac that can block odors will be placed on the floor. It is now that the P.U.R.T. will be added to all areas – the sub floor, back of the carpet and baseboard. Carpet cleaners Surprise AZ may decide that there will have to be a substantial amount used to make sure that the smell is eliminated.

You may not notice immediate improvements right away, but during the following 24 to 36 hours there will a marked transformation. There is nothing to say that the pet is not going to pick somewhere else to mark as their territory, but there is at least a deterrent of the shellac. Now you won’t have to worry that one day you will have to make the choice between your pets and the sanitation of your home.